Basic approach to compliance

Our Compliance Rules prescribe that individuals improve their personal ethics, and based on their consciences and good sense, conduct fair and sound business activities.
We have also prescribed the following basic responsibilities and 10 compliance rules for officers and employees in order to ensure compliance.

Basic responsibilities of officers and employees

  1. Adhere to rules and conduct fair and sound business activities
  2. Refuse to do business with antisocial forces.
  3. Obey laws, ordinances, and regulations and provide superior products and services.
  4. Respect human rights and create sound working environments that are free of discrimination.
  5. Respect the positions of internal and external stakeholders, and maintain sound and friendly relationships with them.
  6. Conduct business with an awareness of environmental issues, and fulfill social responsibilities.

10 compliance rules

  1. Abide by the Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business, etc. and conduct appropriate corporate activities.
  2. Respect human rights and not engage in discrimination or harassment.
  3. Not violate regulations on insider trading.
  4. Take the utmost care with information learned at work.
  5. Handle information systems appropriately.
  6. Not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  7. Not engage in fraudulent transactions or unfair competition.
  8. Not do business with antisocial forces.
  9. Conduct corporate activities in compliance with environment-related laws, ordinances, etc.
  10. Perform duties while paying attention to ensure safe driving, occupational health and safety, and day-to-day health.
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